Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Kat, Jaime and I went to Payson a couple weekends ago for a day away.
It was soooo pleasing.
Basically all we did was shop at cool old shops,
ate at the Bee Line Cafe (recommended by the locals),
sat and watched children play in the flooded playground
(sounds creepy but it was normal, I promise),
chased down the ice cream man with the children,
and slept in a park while just enjoying the weather.

Something funny did happen...
While watching the little ones get sand in the pants (ew)
We noticed something that was out of the ordinary...
Can you see it?

That's right, random Goth couple loving each other
in the most unfit setting. Random!
But then...we kept finding them in the most random
locations doing the same thing. Whaa?? Who does this?
Here....and then Here...
Puddle Love? Really?

Check this cute location...it looked like a movie!

Thank goodness the rain stopped
or who knows what else would have happened...
Flooded? Ya.