Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well since Sunday is father's day I decided to pay a tribute to my papa! He is the funniest man i have ever met and I'm so happy he is my dad. For example, just tonight i pull up at about 12 am and my dad is sitting in his car listening to Toby Keith so loud. Then as Im getting ready for bed he asks if I would like a refreshment and he brings me a whiskey glass with grape juice in it and we have a drink (Relate to the 2 pictures below). To end the night we sit and watch a Marilyn Manroe movie and he comments about her and Clark Gable every 30 seconds. I have never met a man that has so much knowlege in music and movies! Thats just one night..imagine the last 19 years! ha....I have to coolest dad. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Monday, June 9, 2008

A Good Read

So I recently just finished reading the book Twilight. Well I started it at the end of last year but got too busy with school so I never finished it. So I decided to start over and I read it in less than 3 days. I am officially in the "Im addicted to the Twilight series books" (Heather and Katelyn, I have now joined you guys ha) Dont worry, I have the 2 other books all ready for me to start on. If anyone has not read Twilight I highly recommend it! Plus, anyone that has read it knows that its impossible not to fall in love with Edward! The movie comes out December 12th woo!

Beautiful Edward