Monday, June 9, 2008

A Good Read

So I recently just finished reading the book Twilight. Well I started it at the end of last year but got too busy with school so I never finished it. So I decided to start over and I read it in less than 3 days. I am officially in the "Im addicted to the Twilight series books" (Heather and Katelyn, I have now joined you guys ha) Dont worry, I have the 2 other books all ready for me to start on. If anyone has not read Twilight I highly recommend it! Plus, anyone that has read it knows that its impossible not to fall in love with Edward! The movie comes out December 12th woo!

Beautiful Edward


Cassie said...

I don't see what girls see in Edward. He drinks blood you know. Some may say because it's not human blood then its OK. Well, whether its human, deer, skunk or zebra it's all going to cause an incurable stank in that guy's mouth. Can you imagine kissing Mr. Stanky Mouth? No where in the book does it talk about him brushing his teeth...EVER. Yuck.

John Ross

Katelyn said...

i'm so glad you finally joined the club. hah edward is AMAZING and these books are AMAZING. i can't wait till the movie. Midnight showing for sure!

Heather Sproul said...

Yay Becca, I am glad you read it. the books only get better over time. and the last one comes out on Aug 2 so read up! Also i am in love with edward too so we will see the movie together. love you

Kodi & Lindsey Nixon said...

hey i didn't even know you had a blog!! you do need to come check out the house its awesome - i love it!!

starkmom said...

It's really sad when your mom is in the "club" before you.We really need to get a huge group together for the midnight showing.Now you need to read "The Host".It's awesome too and there is no "Mr. Stanky" breath (John Ross)