Thursday, March 31, 2011

65 stay alive

Alright so this is kind of a random

Post but I have a huge project

due in 4 days That I haven’t

started so Im Thinking of everything

else I can do besides it and this

sounded pretty good….

Here are some random moments in the past week.

First is a cute picture my friend Clark

Took of me and Peter last night.

In other news today was in the mid 60’s!!!

You don’t understand how happy

I was. I spent the entire day outside

And Im officially fried. My pasty

Skin hasn’t seen the sun in months

But I didn’t care.

Peter and I dressed like white trash and went

Longboarding while listening to Bob Marley, laid in a park for

Hours, and ate at the cutest/best hamburgers

Place with Bomb shakes.

We happened to catch our shadows which

Looked so cool!


So the other night I walk pass my roommate’s

Bedroom and see this. Her sitting on

A huge pile of all her clothes trying to figure

Out what to get rid of because she has WAY

Too many. It was so funny I had

To take a picture of it.

She is a clothes hoarder! She couldn’t get rid of

Any clothes because she had to justify everything.

“Even though I haven’t worn it since high school

What if I want to wear it one day?”

Fo Rill. Confessions of a shopohlic.


My friend Dallin made the huge mistake of asking

Me to watch his mom’s dog while he went to the gym

For a couple hours…

Actually I was doing really well for

Someone that is not a fan of dogs/any

Kind of indoor pet especially

If it has bows in its hair.

That is until my best friend came over and

We got way to drunk on the See’s

Candy my dad sent me for

Valentines Day….

These few pictures sum up the

Reasons why Willi (Yes that is her real name) is

My best friend.

And lets hope Dallin isn’t a follower

Of my blog…

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I should be studying….

But I am distracted….

Look at this little present I found

While putting these pictures on

My computer…

What a gem.

Monday, March 14, 2011


My life lately is as follows…..

First, I got to go to the REAL East High where high school

Musical was filmed in Salt Lake! If you know anything about me

You know I’m a HUGE HSM fan…So I’m sure you can guess my


“I want it all!”


Next, my roommates and I went to Olive Garden for

My birthday dinner. It was so good. On the left

is Sarah and on the right is Yugine.

The weather in Utah lately has been glorious!

So, Peter and I have been going on bike/longboard

Adventures in the canyon.

We discovered the most beautiful park in Utah on the

Way down last time. There we found little Olivia (a little

Girl hanging out alone…What kind of parents?)

She loved us.

Peter rolled down the hill a couple times with

Her and then she braided my hair.

Artsy Sandwich Picture

Finally, One night we were bored so we

all decided to bench press each other…….

Ya, don’t ask…