Thursday, October 14, 2010


We went to Utah for conference a couple weekends ago.
We stayed in Provo and enjoyed the weather,
conference, the colors of the changing leaves and
trees, ALL the boys' missions reunions, Willi,
eating...alot, and just getting away from AZ
for the weekend! These pictures are in opposite
order in which the events occured so this is starting from
the end of the trip....
On the way home we stopped in Vegas for about an hour and
decided to do some slot machines for fun since
none of us had every tried before! I can see how people get
addicted..within about 30 seconds and $.02 later Benjamin won
like $6.00! I said "Ben give me a dollar, now!"
I was hooked and should not go back....ha but it
was still way fun.
This is me and Ben's "I want to win. VEGAS" face....

The boys kept rolling each other down
the hill

It was this boy's birthday the day we left, so Kat
and I made him a cake and we celebrated
in a park
This is where conference begins...

This is the whole group that went
Derek Kat Me Ben Adam and Matt
I got some really pretty pictures
of the SLC Temple
Willi took us hiking the first day we were
there. Lets just say the air is really
thin in Utah and Kat and I were
not used to it. That hike was rough
for us. haha
But it was beautiful with all the colors

We had so much fun on this trip! I cant wait to see
where we go be continued