Monday, March 14, 2011


My life lately is as follows…..

First, I got to go to the REAL East High where high school

Musical was filmed in Salt Lake! If you know anything about me

You know I’m a HUGE HSM fan…So I’m sure you can guess my


“I want it all!”


Next, my roommates and I went to Olive Garden for

My birthday dinner. It was so good. On the left

is Sarah and on the right is Yugine.

The weather in Utah lately has been glorious!

So, Peter and I have been going on bike/longboard

Adventures in the canyon.

We discovered the most beautiful park in Utah on the

Way down last time. There we found little Olivia (a little

Girl hanging out alone…What kind of parents?)

She loved us.

Peter rolled down the hill a couple times with

Her and then she braided my hair.

Artsy Sandwich Picture

Finally, One night we were bored so we

all decided to bench press each other…….

Ya, don’t ask…


Cassie said...

You guys are so weird. Besides everybody knows bench pressing children is so much easier...

Katelyn said...

k, i am so jealous that you went to east high. you know i love doing things like that (hence going to laguna beach high) haha.

love you and miss you!

Tiera, Rick, and Gauge Frost said...

This looks like so much fun! I cant believe youre wearing shorts! Ok the bench pressing pics are not coming up! I want to see them!

Tiera, Rick, and Gauge Frost said...

Hey wait a minute! I thought you didn't like denim shorts!!! Ha ha ha :)