Thursday, March 31, 2011


My friend Dallin made the huge mistake of asking

Me to watch his mom’s dog while he went to the gym

For a couple hours…

Actually I was doing really well for

Someone that is not a fan of dogs/any

Kind of indoor pet especially

If it has bows in its hair.

That is until my best friend came over and

We got way to drunk on the See’s

Candy my dad sent me for

Valentines Day….

These few pictures sum up the

Reasons why Willi (Yes that is her real name) is

My best friend.

And lets hope Dallin isn’t a follower

Of my blog…


Willi Nixon said...

Baaaaaaaaaahahaha rofl. This was a night to remember. Gotta love dat see's candy. Sorry I ate half of all them.

that dog... she was something special.

starkmom said...

I can't believe you had a DOG in your ROOM! Dillon must be pretty special for you to sacrifice for him.Willi just knows how to work it.