Thursday, March 31, 2011

65 stay alive

Alright so this is kind of a random

Post but I have a huge project

due in 4 days That I haven’t

started so Im Thinking of everything

else I can do besides it and this

sounded pretty good….

Here are some random moments in the past week.

First is a cute picture my friend Clark

Took of me and Peter last night.

In other news today was in the mid 60’s!!!

You don’t understand how happy

I was. I spent the entire day outside

And Im officially fried. My pasty

Skin hasn’t seen the sun in months

But I didn’t care.

Peter and I dressed like white trash and went

Longboarding while listening to Bob Marley, laid in a park for

Hours, and ate at the cutest/best hamburgers

Place with Bomb shakes.

We happened to catch our shadows which

Looked so cool!


So the other night I walk pass my roommate’s

Bedroom and see this. Her sitting on

A huge pile of all her clothes trying to figure

Out what to get rid of because she has WAY

Too many. It was so funny I had

To take a picture of it.

She is a clothes hoarder! She couldn’t get rid of

Any clothes because she had to justify everything.

“Even though I haven’t worn it since high school

What if I want to wear it one day?”

Fo Rill. Confessions of a shopohlic.


Katelyn said...

this makes me miss you. i want to lay in parks with you and go on bike rides. maybe I can after graduation...

starkmom said...

And you called me a hoarder....