Thursday, April 14, 2011

Home of the Potatoes

Peter and I went to Idaho at the same

Time Joseph went to visit T and Rick.

We had such a fun time!

Here are most of the pictures

Of our adventures.

There are a lot and I don’t want

To put captions on all of them

So if you have questions about them

Just let me know.

Here is an overview: Downtown Boise, State Capital,

Cherry Blossoms, State Park, Models,

Jud’s 2 LB cheeseburgers that was on Man

vs. Food, and the great drive home.



Heather Sproul said...

That is the biggest burger I have ever seen! I like the pic of you and him that looks like fall.

Cassie said...

Hundred bucks says you were singing High School Musical in that last picture.

I wish I would have been there.

Peter has nice teeth.

I drew a picture of a butterfly...

Willi Nixon said...

Oh my gosh. There are so many funny pictures here and I love it!

Tiera, Rick, and Gauge Frost said...

Yup, definitely just laughed out loud a good 10 minutes!! Ha ha ha ha BEST VACATION EVER!!!!:)peace

Katelyn said...

looks like peter fits in nicely with the fam. good job. MISS YOU!