Thursday, October 9, 2008


Okay, it has been forever I know. BUT I got the honor to go to the SYTYCD top ten tour the other night! It was M-azing! I went with my Katelyn and Ben (ha I love boys that love SYTYCD). After the totally awesome show, and an hour and a half of waiting, we got to meet all the dancers and take pictures with them and talk to them! Suprisingly they were all soo extremely nice. It was a def. highlight of my year, next to skydiving!


You can tell the ones I dont really like that much (Katee and Thayne) I made funny faces in cause I didnt care. But I do love Mark, we just decided to make an ugly face. Ha he was that coolest one. Oh and ya, I got to wear Will's hat :) it was sweaty and gross ha.


Stephanie said...

oh, believe me, i saw these pix yesterday on your friend's blog. we are old and boring. when the show was over we just went home. you must have gotten back to mesa about the same time the sun was coming up. you crazy kids. how fun.

MarkKanemura said...


Your pictures are AWESOME, ESPECIALLY the one with Mark!!! :)

I have a Mark fansite - , and I would love to add that picture of you, your friend & Mark, to the Gallery of it!

I would definitely credit you!

Do you think there's any way you could email me the original size/bigger size of that picture?

Oh also, was this at the Arizona show? :)



starkmom said...

Okay that is TOTALLY AWESOME! They look just like they do on TV. Twitch is my favorite. We need to print these and put them up in the bookstore!!! I bet Ms Little would pu them up in the danceroom too!

Cassie said...

It's funny how I already could tell by the pictures which dancers you didn't like before I even read the comments. Oh Bec your so funny. I do like that blonde haired girls hair cut. You can go ahead and do it if you want. I'm ok with it. :) What I would really like to see posted are sky diving pictures. Please don't tell me you didn't take a single picture doing it. If you didn't then I don't believe you that you really did it. Prove it! Prove it!

Willi Nixon said...

i am jealoussssssssss. its about freakin time!

Mertgirl said...

I have to disagree... Katee... loved her. Thayne was ok. Twitch and Chelsea were awesome!--so glad you got to go!

The Cottams said...

thats so awesome! the one that is 6th down...don't know her name but she has a hat totally just made a willi face

Ferfus said...

Will is sexy. Mark is hot. Enough said.

Lisa Truman said...

OMG girl!!!! I was there too!!! Wasn't it sooooo much fun??!!!!!! I had no idea you could meet the people though! Dang I should have gone with you!!! lol