Monday, December 22, 2008

Chrismas? Ya!

Sooo...I cannot believe it is already Christmas! This year went by too fast. This last weekend me and my best girlfriends got together for our annual christmas party. It was hosted by Meagan Horne this year at their cute, humble abode. We had dinner, gift exchange, and lots of fun. I love getting together with all my cute girls. Heres some pictures to show just how much fun we have when we all get together! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

                                                                    Thanks James..

                                                                    Van the waitress..


starkmom said...

Did you not notice Jaime's hand on your typical.It's great that you all keep in touch.

Becca said...

mom, thats why i wrote "thanks james" under that picture

Leah, Chance, and Bailee said...

Becca! I am so happy I saw you yesterday!! Too bad it wasn't for very long... :(. Let's get together sometime!!! pleeeeaaassse! haha

Willi Nixon said...

bacon these pictures are a beauty. you were my favorite christmas present this year