Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Larson Love

Heather and Britton got married this weekend!
It was so much fun to share that day with them.
Even though I was so sick my voice sounded like Batman's.
Heather was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.
Probably because I did her make-up
and Aimee did her hair:)
Getting her hair done..and texting of course

The make up artist with my tools
Hobbs and I

My next wedding is this Lovely couple's. I love them:)

The Bride

The Groom (we decided to do a prom picture) Brit and I go back to 7th grade

The beautiful couple will frame this mexi-prom picture I took of them in their new living room, guaranteed

Congrats Brit and Heath. I love you both! Thanks for fulfilling my Saturday. It was a blast


Willi Nixon said...

I'M SO SAD I MISSED THIS! you look so cute bacon, i love your dress and hair. babe.

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

Im so glad you posted these Becca! I have been frantically searching through everyone's blogs for the past few days hoping for pictures:) You all look gorgeous and Heather looked awesome! Im glad I got to see you!

Heather Sproul said...

I love you! and yes that will be going in my home...that is if i get it approved! :) Lets see each other soon!!!!

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

hahah Beccers! You know im just following your lead right?? haha You are queen of witty, im just jealous is all:) Becs I neeeed you to come to provo so I can buy us one of those delicious pumpkin oreo shakes! I can't find a good reason to make Matt buy me icecream that costs more than 50 cents so your influence would be appreciated! Please!

Panda said...

Becca....I'm looking at this on your birthday!!! Happy birthday cutie pie! I miss you!!
Love, Panda