Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Kimberly, Kat and I decided to take a mini
road to go to the
Gila Valley Temple open house. It was so amazing! I couldn't
believe how beautiful
and nice it was inside! I can't wait to go through the temple on day :)
We had quite a little adventure that day....
First, got pulled over for speeding. Got out of the ticket because Kim
and I worked our magic. The comments went as follows:
Kim: I love your camo bandaid!" ( the office was indeed
wearing a camo bandaid on his finger)
Me: "What bandaid? I cant even see it!"
Good thing I've got my humor going for me :)

We met up with Jared who lives in Thatcher in a she currently
and we ate at a Mexican food resaurant. Then he took
us to the cutest snow cone stand for some
awesome snow cones. I ate WAY too much.
Our Thatcher tour guide. We were such tourists/city girls.


Kat's dress kept blowing up! Marilyn Manroe?

It was sooooo windy! Huzzah.

The sky is beautiful in this pic and the next!

Marilyn once again..
Trying to take a decent windy picture...
Not so successful
I'm so happy I got to walk through this temple.
It was my first time ever doing that!
Thank goodness we went on a Thursday
afternoon. I dare you to go on a Saturday!


Katelyn said...

hey, I can't help that my marilyn monroe roots were coming out. i definitely left my mark by pretty much flashing my stuff to all of thatcher. thank goodness for a change of clothes so I didn't have to wear that awful non-wind proof skirt.

I'm glad we went. It twas amazing! just remember, one day we will get to go through and the mysteries will no longer be mysteries. YAY!


Willi Nixon said...

draper was my first time walking all the way through, its cool huh. that temple is so little its cute!