Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's New?

Here are a few picture updates of my life....sorry its been
so long, I've been busy! They are out
of order though.
It is true, I am in Utah now going to school. This
is how I spend some of my free time here at the Y...

Skype rocks. Its so funny. If you have skype
feel free to chit chat with me via
the cyber world.
A couple days before I left Benjamin and I
went hiking and it was so beautiful! Not only
the view but the weather as well.

Now, here is a few christmas 2010 pictures.
First is the annual ugly sweater party.

These pictures are from Christmas day.
I got Ben some new Vans and some clippers.
He got me 2 tickets to the Joshua Radin
concert in Salt Lake City! Im really excited....

These last 2 were of Christmas morning.
Although it was a great Christmas,
I did miss the other half of my family.
T and Rick and Gauge were missed!
Cass John Boston Rendon and Brady were missed!
Maybe next Christmas we'll all be
together again??


Willi Nixon said...

hey bacon quad, where are all the pictures of meeeeeeee and you? come on cam on.

but 4 realz you live back in our home land. this is our year.

Whitney and Chad said...

So i see you at school! And now I found your blog! Thats not creepy!

kathleen said...

Hey Becca...Kathleen here!! Glad I decided to check your blog and that is was updated!! Nice pix of you and Ben! We missed you at FHE this week, and hope all is well!!

Tiera, Rick, and Gauge Frost said...

So I love these pictures! I sure have a beautiful sister! I want to see you cause I miss you! Hope you're having fun in Utah you utard!! Ha ha ha love you!

Joseph said...

Not all of us will be here... I will be in Mexico next Christmas :)