Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saturday Lake Adventure

Over the weekend Peter and I decided to take

A trip to a lake just up the

Canyon. Peter made seriously the

Best steak I have EVER tasted (worth the

Hour and a half it took to cook haha).

We also swam, laid out by the water, and made

S’mores. We had so much

Fun and Utah is BEAUTIFUL this time

Of year. I kept telling Peter over and

Over “I can’t believe I live here!” The drive

Up the canyon was amazing…

Have enough Jazz apparel on Peter??

The best steak ever

Peter being a boy…

“Hey Bake, take a picture of me throwing this rock!”



Heather Sproul said...

Utah is so pretty! Oh ya so are you:)

Amanda Stark said...

Love the new pics sis! That lake is beautiful! You and Peter are looking fab...I like your hat. ok, love you!

mckenzi said...

when are you going to update us on you and your man?:) Soon please! Love ya Becs!