Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Look what I found while writing a paper for my business class.. Peter thought he could be sneaky and that i wouldn't notice...

"I like to poop. Pooping is very beneficial to the economy. The sewage treatment industry is a $30 billion per year American icon. Just imagine, 300 million Americans, each pooping once a day! That adds up to a lot of poop. My fiancĂ© Peter is cute. He also poops. But it doesn’t stink too bad. Only his toots do."

Oh, what to do with this boy? I guess I can't trust leaving

my laptop out while in mid-paper

1 comment:

Clark said...

I've found my calling in life. I'm going to invest in poop. Hahaha, hey, hope yall is good. BTW I like your picture, its cute. BTWW Yall should get on skype so we can chat it up. BTWWW GRAB DAT PETE!