Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weddings and Such

Katelyn's sister (and pretty much like one to me)

got married this week! Im so lucky

I got to spend the day with the Burentt

family. They rock. This was one of the

funnest weddings I've been to. Loved it.

This is my date Jon (Heather's husband) for the

day. Heather was part of the wedding party

so we stuck together most the time.

Another order of business...It was Joseph's

18 brithday! Whaaaa..I cant believe

my little brother is 18 and graduating

high school. weird. So we went to

Outback and ate. It was legit. My family is

wayy too funny. We were in tears laughing the

entire time. Jospeh even had to use a napkin

to wipe his tears.

I can always count on my Dad to be the only one laughing

at me and my jokes. He's my support team :) He

thinks I'm hilarious. And I am.


Joslyn Marie said...

so . you are adorable, lets play soon : )

Cassie said...

Man we always miss all the fun.

Willi Nixon said...

i MIISSSS YOU GUYS! joseph is so old and handsome. he looks exactly like joe