Sunday, June 13, 2010

From Joseph to Joe

Joseph is finally a High School graduate!
It was fun to actually be the older
sibling watching the younger one
graduate! I have never done that before.
Here's some pictures of him graduating.

Check Dads hand positions...My family is crazy!

The Rents

Missing Cass

This is the Sunday ceromony

Congrats little brother! Good Luck with EMT school :)


Cassie said...

Did Joseph grow another foot since March. What the heck amazon man. I wish I were in those pictures with you guys. tear.

Mom and dad have gotten pretty good at making silly poses. I'm proud.

Katelyn said...

awww, you guys are my fav. and too funny. the serious pic of you guys was just not right. i love the one of your dad posed as michael j. much more fitting.

Willi Nixon said...

Joseph is HUGE. He's so handsome though!! I love the pic when joe is grabbing his crotch, and then the one that biff is standing on the chair. way to go lil brother

Lisa Truman said...

There's no way little Joseph is graduated!!! Becca... he makes you look so tiny! Haha You guys are just missing Cassie in those fun pictures :( I love your fam!